June 9, 2021


The End Of Progress Is Here! The End Of Progress Is Here!1

No, it’s not.

Talk to the young people.

In the young people, I see our future.

Sit down for a meal with the young people and you will see what I see.

Dynamism, growth, energy.

Fyre Festival, Theranos, Trump.

Our World does not work without some level of Trust. The Fyre Festival Guy and The Theranos Woman violated that Trust when they Lied.

Our World works when fraudsters go to jail.

By the way, those two young entrepreneurs do not deserve all the Blame. Who then. Theranos? Lack of Due Diligence. Fyre? Follow the Money.

Fyre Festival might have succeeded, if only Billy had listened to Keith The Pilot.

Billy did not know what he was doing, but knew that he needed some help. So he asked Keith the Pilot for some help. Keith the Pilot knew what he was doing and offered his advice. Billy did not listen to Keith the Pilot, so Keith the Pilot left.

When all the capable people leave, you get Fyre Festival.

Capable people make our world work.

Everywhere I look, I see progress.

I see progress on my Instagram and Tiktok feeds in meme accounts. Some more so than others. I would love to take a class on memes.

I see growth in My Fellow Millenials as we help each other grow into the new adulthood. We are building deep, meaningful, life-long friendships. Aided by social media, if used and not abused.

I’m very proud of My Fellow Millenials.

I see progress in the way we talk. About depression and panic attacks and crying. Insomnia and touching and affection. Or maybe that’s me getting older.

But no, I think it’s progress.

I see progress in the bathroom graffiti in a gross dive bar.

Drugs help me to see progress. Be careful, though. Use, don’t abuse.

I see progress in our Cities. In our Artists. In our Museums.

I see progress in our Stories.

And I see Stories everywhere.

  1. Written on my iPhone.↩︎

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